I think you’re doing the best you can

Debt settlement

I think you’re doing the best you can with what you have. If there’s nothing else to be done then you have to just let them deal with it however they will. I mean that in all seriousness, if you are taking the money you have available and paying them as honestly and fairly as you can then let yourself off the hook about that “they” want. “They” want to be paid in full, “They” want you to feel intimidated every time they call, “They” want to control the situation. However, you just do the best you can and let them deal with it.

Just make sure you keep in contact with them every 2 weeks and don’t stop sending those small payments once you’ve started. Once you get your bonus and settlement then you can look at a lump sum settlement but I wouldn’t tell them that now. Once it’s in the computer every idiot collector who calls you is going to hound you about it. Each creditor is going to want the whole pie and not a settlement so that others can get paid too.

Good luck and don’t let the bastards get ya down! 😉