I’m pretty new to the blog


Hi everyone, I’m pretty new to the blog, but have benefited a great deal from the discussions thus far. Max, I’d like to thank you for your response to Alex’s question. That’s exactly what I was thinking, even though I have had companies to settle with me for about 50% of the outstanding debt. I think it would vary from creditor to creditor, however, I TOTALLY agree that creditors sometimes resort to stubborn, unreasonable behavior to intimidate people into paying!

Alex, if it ever comes down to a potential judgment or garnishment against you (one of a creditor’s FAVORITE threats), as long as you’ve been paying consistently and are able to prove that, it’s unlikely that a judge will rule against you. Like Chad said, do what you can, be consistent (above everything else), keep accurate records of your payments/history, and don’t let them control the situation.