I wouldn’t worry about calling

Credit score

I wouldn’t worry about calling any of the creditors as most do not keep accurate records, or any records at all of phone conservations.

You should keep your communications to the creditors in writing making sure that you keep copies for future reference. This put the history in some form of “provable” form in case it comes to some sort of a lawsuit. You can show the judge that you have made every attempt to handle the situation.

Also when you call that gives them a chance to try to exploit any weakness and get you to pay more. Talk to the creditors on your terms and never theirs.

I think they negotiate a settlement with me. However, I did that and it doesn’t reflect well on the credit report. Even though we pay it off, it still shows as a bad debt. I think it is unfair but it does.

I’m pretty new to the blog


Hi everyone, I’m pretty new to the blog, but have benefited a great deal from the discussions thus far. Max, I’d like to thank you for your response to Alex’s question. That’s exactly what I was thinking, even though I have had companies to settle with me for about 50% of the outstanding debt. I think it would vary from creditor to creditor, however, I TOTALLY agree that creditors sometimes resort to stubborn, unreasonable behavior to intimidate people into paying!

Alex, if it ever comes down to a potential judgment or garnishment against you (one of a creditor’s FAVORITE threats), as long as you’ve been paying consistently and are able to prove that, it’s unlikely that a judge will rule against you. Like Chad said, do what you can, be consistent (above everything else), keep accurate records of your payments/history, and don’t let them control the situation.